Sound, timely and well-designed economic policy decision-making requires high quality training, knowledge sharing and life-long learning (including self-education). My contributions are listed below.

International Monetary Fund:

  • May 2018: Macro-Structural Training, Labor and Product Market Reforms, The STRESS Model. Teaching material.
  • March 2018: Macro-Structural Training, Fiscal-Structural Gaps, Reforms, and Their Impact, The OGRE Model. Teaching material.

University of Tartu, Autumn 2016 (invited): DSGE and OLG models. Teaching material. Evaluation.

"Very useful course and would like to have part 2 to learn more."

"I like your teaching methods - keep it up."

Bank of Lithuania, Spring 2016:

"It was a nice course that I would recommend to anyone who does not know DSGE models."

"Lecturer has a talent to explain rather complex concepts in a simple manner."

Vilnius University, Autumn 2015: D(S)GE modeling. Teaching material.

University of Cambridge, Wolfson College, Michaelmas term in 2010: Econometrics (BA) - teaching assistant.

National Bank of Hungary, Feb 2008: presentation on Forecasting of Foreign Trade to colleagues working at the National Bank of Ukraine.

Corvinus University of Budapest, 2005-2006 and 2006-2007:

  • Macroeconomics (BA) - teaching assistant
  • International Macroeconomics (BA) - teaching assistant

+ 1: National Student Academy, Aug 2015: presentation on Fiscal and monetary policy to talented Lithuanian and German teenagers.

"Thank you! I would like to have a teacher like you. :)"

"Your information gave me a whole new view on my plans for the future."